Allahs constant reminder of love

Allah never lets you down. When you find no one be sure you will always find him!
As a revert to Islam I became very alone yet surrounded by many people. Allah helped me through many trials and gave me feet when I was unable to stand.

After battling in an unhealthy marriage and divorce I stand today having written 3 books for the sake of Allah to help others, with my experiences. It’s so easy to give up and to blame.  But when you have Allah you have all you need to fight. In bad experiences we have to regain focus and use any second chance for the better. If you just ask Allah he will give. He knows we are not perfect, he knows we sin again and again. All his saying to us, is return to me and you will find him the most merciful. What more can you want than that. People struggle to find mercy even for their own family members. But Allah no matter what you have done if you are sorry you will find him welcoming you back home.
Writing my Books have been like therapy to me and Allah kept me standing. Everyone is facing so many struggles in their life, but sometimes we become so focused on worldly issues, it consumes our mind with worry. We forget what’s important we forget we can heal and make our heart happy. For everything is temporary we should be worrying more for things we can bring with us, like good deeds and things that keep going on in this world to benefit us, when we pass. Not worrying about things that if we get, we will still be unhappy because humans are greedy we always want more.
I learnt from my experiences anything is possible and even in the hardest of times Allah never left me, he kept saying get up, get up, try again I’m with you. Allah will keep doing this till you get up. What better characteristics could you want of someone in your life.
These are my books

The Treasure Hunt ( how I reverted to Islam)

Dear Sister part 1 and 2 (after my divorce what happened in 1 year.)

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When you find Allah and he gives you his mercy only then will find true inner peace. Even in your darkest moments he will keep whispering get up !!!! 

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